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Oz Consulting Engineers offer Diagnostic and Remedial engineering services that provide value-adding benefits to owners and asset managers of existing commercial, residential and industrial properties.

Oz Consulting Engineers specialise in diagnostic and remedial solutions that are personalised to our client’s needs. 


Oz Consulting Engineers can help you with all forms of asset deterioration, ranging from façade to structure. Following a successful diagnosis, we are able to provide a scope of works or technical specification documents to remediate problem at hand

Our Remedial & Diagnostics Engineers specialise in the following:

  • Paint/Coating failures;

  • Aluminium and glass curtain walls – sealants, staining, corrosion, Water ingress, drainage and waterproofing;

  • Height safety– safety lines, design assessments;

  • Balustrade compliance assessments;

  • Concrete – corrosion, staining, spalling, cracking;

  • Compliance assessments on construction in accordance with relevant standards and codes of practice;

  • Water leakage testing;

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